15 Minutes At A Time

As I was cleaning out some old files over the weekend, I came across a checklist that I made a while back that most likely got tucked away when we moved. The header reads –  “15 Minutes at a Time.” And while I may not remember the exact year it was written, I do remember what time of the year it was written. It was leading into a New Year, and I was focused on setting some new goals, but in a more realistic way than the year before. Here’s my list:

  • Get up 15 minutes earlier each day
  • Find 15 minutes to meditate, pray, or just be still each day
  • Take a 15 minute walk every day
  • Take 15 minutes to get ready for tomorrow before going to bed each night
  • Find 15 minutes to read/write
  • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than the night before


Confession – I did better on some things than others…I’m a night owl and an avid reader, so getting to bed early and reading for only 15 minutes was never quite enough, which made getting up 15 minutes earlier a bit of a challenge… I did pretty well on the rest of the list though. So what’s my point? I have 2.

    1. When you write things down, they become much more attainable because they become real. And when you post your list where you’ll see it everyday (this originally lived on the bulletin board over my desk) you’ll have a constant visual reminder of what you’re setting out to do.
    2. Finding 15 minutes every few hours over the course of your day is fully possible and can actually increase your overall productivity. If you think about how much time we all spend scrolling through our phones or the internet every day, we could all find the first 30 minutes for sure without much effort. And if you’ve been working on a high priority item for more than two hours, your brain could probably use a break. Switching tasks for a bit and then coming back to a time intensive project will help expand your thought process and open the channels for more creativity.


    So what 3-5 things should be on your “15 Minutes At A Time” list?

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