3 in 3

Three has always been a magic number in both writing and speaking. When speaking to a live audience, three key points are not too much information, which increases the rate of retention, but it’s also not too little information so you don’t feel like something was left out either.

When writing, especially for children (another passion of mine), repeating things three times is an unwritten rule and makes stories more magical and memorable. Think back to The Little Engine That Could … “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” or any other favorite childhood story where the main character tries and tries and tries one last time before reaching their final goal or destination.

And while the written word is still very powerful, hearing someone speak can be just as impactful. So in addition to my blog, I’ll be sharing 3 in 3 via video. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and get a notification every time a new video goes up to stay current, or check back here every so often and watch a few all at once.

Episode 1

Kick Off Episode 🙂

Episode 2

Tips to Boost your Marketing

Episode 3

Behind the Scenes – My Bookshelf

Episode 4

My Three Favorite Books

Episode 5

Ask Me Anything – Top 3 Questions Answered

Episode 6

Tips For Conducting Performance Reviews

Episode 7

Tips For Conquer Your Email Inbox

Episode 8

Freebie Friday – Special Edition

Episode 9

Yearly Planning and Goal Setting

Episode 10

Taking Action On Your 1 Goal