7 Words To Set Yourself Apart

“Let me tell you about our process…”


Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of helping fellow contractors add systems and processes to their businesses to calm the chaos behind the scenes. Today I’d like to talk about another piece of advice that I’ve shared with almost everyone I’ve worked with since launching my business…. The more you can think like a customer the better.

We all know what it’s like to get great customer service, and I’m saddened to say the experiences are fewer and farther between these days. As busy business owners trying to juggle it all however, we often forget that our greatest strength and differentiator is HOW we interact with our customers. They don’t know there’s a pile of paperwork on your desk that could rival the leaning tower of Pisa. They don’t know that you have a deadline for a big job looming that’s keeping you up at night. They don’t know that you just lost a good employee or had to let go of a bad one. All they know is that they need what you offer, saw your name and number somewhere (kudos on your marketing), and now they’re ready to learn more and potentially hire you to do the work.

Now back to my opening sentence… When you answer the phone and a new prospective customer is on the other end, after they say what they’d like to say (please don’t rush them – learn to listen and take notes instead) IF you’d like to set the tone and take control of the conversation (in a good way, of course) I’d encourage you to reply with these seven words.

“Let me tell you about our process…”

A few things happen when you use this as your opening line.

  1. It instantly changes the tone of the conversation and elevates your level of professionalism (oh, they have a process… )
  2. It sets you apart from your competitors (unless they’re also reading this blog)
  3. It gives you more control over the flow of the conversation and hopefully you’ll be met with less potential objections

Now, once you’ve shared these seven words, you will need to follow through with an actual process. 😳😂 If your company likes to get photos and details BEFORE you schedule an in-person estimate or consultation, share this as well as the WHY behind it.

If your company schedules in-person meetings while on the phone, share this and then gather any additional information you’ll need to set the estimator/salesperson up to pick up the conversation where you left off and be prepared to answer additional questions about their specific project once on site.

And before you hang up, be sure to confirm the details and next steps as discussed and then follow through in a timely fashion. Keep in mind, whoever answers the phone in your office is setting the tone and the expectations for the overall customer experience, and you want to be sure it’s a good one. So, think like a customer and then create a process that would make you feel like your company is the best option in town.

Want help with getting this all in place quickly and efficiently? Check out my new stand alone course, The Full Circle Sales Call. This is the “first stop” on my Customer Circle and will get you heading in the right direction in under an hour. 👍🏼

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