The Full Circle Business Gameplan – 10-19-23

The Full Circle Business Gameplan - 10-19-23

Would you like to put a solid plan in place to ensure you hit all of your goals for 2024?

Would you love to start next year off ahead of the game instead of behind the eight ball?

Are you ready to map out all of the your to do's in the 6 Areas of a Contracting Business to set yourself up for a smooth and successful year ahead?


What We'll Cover:

- How to map out and pre-plan all key activities and events for the year

- How to create quarterly game plans for execution and increased year end success

- How to plan ahead for the year for increased consistency in working ON your busines

- How to prepare for your Yearly Kick Off Meeting to share your goals with your team


All attendees will receive all tools and templates, plus a Quarterly Gameplan Calendar