The Full Circle Marketing Plan

Do you have a consistent and comprehensive marketing plan in place to keep your sales funnel full of the right leads?

While many business owners focus on selling and producing,  without a solid marketing plan that’s executed on a consistent basis you may be falling short of the leads needed to hit your overall revenue goals.

What You’ll Learn:

– How to assess your current initiatives, their effectiveness and where there is opportunity for growth

– How to craft a plan that fits your business by reviewing ALL of the marketing options available to you

– How to use a few simple tools and templates to map out your monthly marketing plan in advance and then execute and track for consistency and success

– How to “review and repeat” the process in the months and years to come without starting all over from scratch

* Full Marketing Manual, Tools, and Templates included

The Full Circle Customer

You’ve seen the “Circle” – now it’s time to put it to work.

In this webinar I’ll walk you through each stop along the way to set up your own systems and processes to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You’ll also get all of my tools and templates for building out your personalized systems at each stop along the way. Once complete, you’ll have a Singular Operating System ready to rollout to your team to start delivering a five star experience consistently with each and every new customer and project you complete.

The Full Circle Meeting

Let’s face it, no one likes meetings, but to run a successful business, meetings play a critical role in keeping your team both informed and engaged. So what’s the secret? Clear and consistent (and short, sweet and sometimes fun) meetings.

In this webinar, I’ll be sharing my 15+ years of experience in running successful meetings in our family business (Residential Painting Company- 40+ employees).

What You’ll Learn:

– The 6 Areas of your business you should be measuring and meeting about

– Why focused meetings are critical to the culture and health of your business

– The When, What and Who of company meetings

– Agendas for high impact meetings including: Departmental meetings, Crew Leader meetings and All Company meetings

All Meeting Agenda templates and “Quiet Cone” included.

The Full Circle Desktop

Is your cluttered desktop and inconsistent electronic filing system creating stress in your office and affecting the day to day operations of your business?

In this webinar, I’ll be sharing my universal system for filing business documents methodically and making retrieval quick and easy (the true key to successful filing).

What You’ll Learn:
– How to determine your Organizational Style and why it matters
– How to set up a Master File for your business
– How to use the 6+1* Electronic Filing System
– How to translate the technique into your Paper Filing System

*System works with Microsoft Office and Google Drive

Master File template download included.

The Full Circle Inbox

Does opening your inbox give you anxiety?
Watch this free webinar and learn a simple system for conquering your email and taking back control of your day – and life.