The Full Circle Sales Call

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Are you asking the right questions to set yourself or your estimator up for an easier sale?

The first contact you have with a prospective customer will set the tone for everything that follows. Having a clear process for capturing the needed information while also establishing a connection with your prospect will impact your overall close rate.  This is even more critical if you, as the owner, are no longer the one answering the phone. This first stop on the Customer Circle will get you started in adding systems and processes to your business and enable you to delegate handling incoming leads to another member of your team.


What We’ll Cover:

– How the “Circle” works and why building a solid foundation for your business is critical to your growth

– How to create a phone script that anyone in your office can use to ensure you’re asking the right questions

– How to create consistency in your sales process and lead follow up with a simple template


All  tools and templates referenced are included plus a Full Circle Sales Book.