Influencer vs Expert … Which One Do You Really Need To Scale Your Business?

I’m currently re-reading “Quiet” by Susan Cain in preparation for my own book launch and find it even more relevant today than it was when first published in 2012. Here are a few quick facts / observations.


In 2012:

  • Instagram had only been around for 2 years and hadn’t really taken off yet
  • SnapChat did not exist
  • TikTok did not exist

In 2023:

  • Both individuals and businesses are making millions on Instagram
  • “TikTok famous” is now a thing and can make you a substantial living
  • Becoming an “Influencer” as opposed to an expert is now the new goal


While “loud” people are great at getting our attention and then getting us to follow them, what are they leading us to? As Cain points out over and over again, “quiet” people often have a level of expertise that is overlooked and overshadowed simply because we can’t “hear” them over the “loud” people.

As you’re looking for help to grow and scale your business, I’d encourage you to ask yourself this question… What TYPE of help do I really need and WHO would be a better fit RIGHT NOW?


Sometimes it’s an influencer who can help share your message and promote your brand, but … I’m going to go out on a limb and say, more often than not, what we truly need are experts to help us build a solid foundation behind the scenes. As the saying goes, you can’t just talk the talk, you have to be able to walk the walk. Becoming the expert, or hiring one to help you solidify your business and your branding (faster) should come before partnering with the influencer to help spread the word.


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