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Beginners – Intro Video

3 in 3 – Video Series

Welcome to my 3 in 3 series, where I share up to 3 tips in under 3 minutes.

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This series originated on my YouTube channel and if you’d like to watch the first 42 episodes, you can still find them there. Moving forward, all new episodes will be found here, so be sure to check back each month for new topics and tips.

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Quarterly Planning Tool

Big picture goals are great, but it takes small action steps to get you there. Once you have your overall Yearly Goals set, take a few minutes to plot out WHAT needs to happen in each Quarter (or month) in order to reach your goals. I’ve found that the action steps usually build upon each other OR need to happen at a certain time in a seasonal business to ensure success. Here’s a basic planning tool you can use and post to keep track of what needs to happen when. Think “ON” and “IN” the business for all key areas – Marketing, Sales, Production, Hiring, etc.

If you’d like a poster-sized wall calendar to keep your to do’s front and center, you can purchase a full set here.

New Hire Checklist

If you want to make sure you’re evaluating and on-boarding all new hires the same way, your best bet is a checklist. Here’s my master checklist of what your Potential Employee Application Packet and New Hire Packet should include along with what should happen on each new hires first day of work.

On-boarding is one of the most critical components to a new employee’s successful integration into your company. Why leave it to chance when you can create a simple and repeatable process so everyone gets five-star treatment.

The Full Circle Customer Experience Diagram

Here’s the “circle” that started it all.  The Full Circle Customer Experience diagram is designed to add internal systems and processes to your business to deliver an exceptional customer experience every single time. I hope you find it helpful in elevating your overall customer service experience.

If you’d love to learn how to put this tool to use to streamline your business, my Assessment Webinar will teach you just that, and includes 2 additional diagrams to help you streamline your business.

The Full Circle Business Needs Assessment

When was the last time you took a step back and truly assessed your business?

With the world moving at the speed of light, and our businesses growing and changing with each passing season, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve. My Full Circle Business Needs Assessment tool is designed to help you pause for a moment, evaluate where you are now, determine where you want to be, and then start building the bridge to get you there.

If you want to take it a step further, be sure to check out my Free Master Class – The Full Circle Business Assessment – and save your space at the next session.

Who Does What – A Simplified Org Chart

In order to run a smooth and streamlined business, everyone needs clarity about their role, everyone else’s role, and how they all fit together to determine the overall success of the company. Here’s a simplified version of an “org chart” based around the 6 Areas of a Business.

Fill in the Current names first, then think about what your Ideal Business looks like in the future. Hint, hint, this includes you taking off a few “hats” as the owner and hiring / delegating some of your current responsibilities.

If you’d like to take it a step further without starting from scratch, you can also purchase my Roles & Responsibilities, which include all of the positions listed here. I encourage all of my clients to build their businesses around positions (these won’t change) and then hire the people needed to make it a reality.

Try, Track, & Tweak

Change is HARD… and yet it is also necessary for growth and advancement. As a leader, it may not be quite as scary to you, but when rolling something new out to your team, the true to key to success is buy in. So how do you get buy in when most of us are pre-programed to resist change? Use my “Try, Track, and Tweak” method to help ease the transition.