Sales Call

How you handle the first interaction with a potential customer sets the tone for the rest of their experience. Here are the 3 keys to making a great first impression.

Watch the first video tutorial now, then download the handouts to get started. And if you’re going to use the Lead Intake Form the “old fashioned” way, I suggest printing blank copies on a bright colored piece of paper so they’re easy to find on your desk or in the customer folder.

About Your Instructor

My name is Suhaiba Neill and I am a systems specialist and the master of the checklist. When creating a new system, my goal is to make it easy and repeatable so anyone can follow it. Creating and training your team to use the same system every – single – time  increases the chances of achieving your desired outcome – because the true key to success is not perfection, it’s consistency.


I have over 23 years of experience in the customer service space and 18 years of experience managing our family painting business. We are a residential painting company located in the suburbs of Philadelphia with 47 years in business. The systems and processes I’m now sharing with you were created out of necessity as our business grew over the years. We have seen and been through it all, and I can say from personal experience that we have found what works based on what didn’t work.

My goal in providing these tools and templates for building your own Singular Operating System is to help you avoid the pitfalls that come with growing a contracting business. Here’s to taking the first step in calming the chaos and getting “from stressed to streamlined.”

Course Wrap Up

🎉 Congratulations!!! 🎉

You made it all the way around the Circle. And, if you followed my suggestions you now have everything you need to create your Company Procedures Manual for your new Singular Operating System. Download the Table of Contents, put your manual together, then meet with your team to roll it all out and share the new systems and processes.

And feel free to email me with additional questions and to schedule your bonus 30 minute wrap up call. 😊




Advertising & Marketing

Outside of exceptional customer service, your business begins and ends with Advertising & Marketing. The more you plan and track, the better your results will be. Get clear about who your ideal customer is, determine where to best get “in front” of them, and then make sure your marketing activities are hyper-targeted so you don’t waste time or money on unqualified leads.

Follow Up & Referrals

It’s common for business owners to focus on new leads and new customers, but your existing customer base and vendors and affiliates are often the cheapest and easiest sales to close. We’ll talk more about this in the Advertising and Marketing section, but be sure you’re staying “Top of Mind” and not missing out on opportunities for repeat business or to offer additional services to past customers.



Customer Satisfaction

Building a solid customer base that will call for more work and refer you to others is the key to growing your business. Think of ways you can elevate the overall experience in addition to delivering an amazing finished product to truly set yourself apart from the rest.


Billing & Collections

Consistent cash flow is critical when running a small business, especially if your business is seasonal. Set up a clear process to make sure all payments are being collected in a timely fashion and eliminate the stress of having to “chase down” money at the end of each month to hit your goals.



Halfway Check In


You’re halfway there… which is the perfect time to check in and make sure you’re making the most of the course. As I mentioned earlier on, buy-in is the key to successful implementation. Download the “Try, Track, Tweak” handout and review what you’ve rolled out so far for adjustments if needed. And be sure to ask those completing the tasks each day for their input as well for the best possible outcome.



Be sure to review the “Circle” with your entire team so everyone is aware of the role they play in delivering an exceptional customer experience. An added bonus of implementing a system or process for each “stop” is to build trust within your entire organization that each person is going to take full responsibility for their section. Now everyone knows when the “hand off” takes place, the person before them did their job at 100% and they can now do the same before handing things off to the next person at the next “stop.”



Scheduling is the heart of every contracting business, and the “stop” that is the most critical in creating an exceptional customer experience. Get clear about who’s responsible for what, then cross-train so everyone is aware of the process.