What is a Full Circle Business?

I learned early on – thanks to Charlie Brown and Snoopy – that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I can still see the image in my head of Snoopy dancing and playing a little tune outside the window of Charlie Brown’s classroom to help him remember this too as he was taking a math test.

And generally speaking, I’d say we all tend to think in more “linear” terms. In planning for the future, we use timelines, talk about getting from A to Z, and analyze all of the points we might need to hit along the way. But what would happen if we took that straight line and started to bend it until the ends met up and we created a circle?

In changing the shape of that straight line we can now truly see, that it’s not just about getting from A to Z, but that A and Z are already connected. We may also see that things can have a cascading or domino effect, and that the cycle, once complete simply starts over again. Ultimately, by creating a circle, we come to the visual realization that everything along the “line” has the opportunity to affect everything else, in both a positive or a negative way.

“So what might this look like in my world?” you may ask…

This Full Circle Business graphic  can be applied to most service-based businesses and should help you identify the areas where your company excels and the areas where there is room for improvement. Creating and implementing systems and processes for each point along the circle allows for consistent and successful execution throughout all areas of your business – i.e. – a Full Circle Business.

The most obvious example of connectivity is how a company delivers on customer service. While everyone may think they have great customer service because they have a friendly voice answering the phone, what happens when the Estimator shows up? The Salesperson? The crew to perform the work? The call from the office about collections? Or God forbid you get a callback or a complaint?

Are the people who hold all of the various positions in your business fully aware of their impact on The Full Circle Customer Experience? Once you realize that everything within your business is connected to the customer’s experience, then educate your entire team around this concept, it becomes much easier to train everyone to deliver exceptional customer service consistently no matter what role they fill.

As the business owner, delivering great customer service may seem like a no brainer to you, but for some of your team members, seeing the “big picture” may help open their eyes to the impact they have on the overall experience of the customer. Which then translates to the overall success of the company, because service-based businesses cannot exist without customers to serve.

If a light bulb just went off for you, then click here to learn more about how I can help you calm the chaos by establishing a solid structure and creating systems to alleviate your stressors (and your teams stressors as well).

And if this didn’t quite hit the mark for you, that’s okay too. Thank you for taking the time to consider a new option, and please feel free to download a copy of The Full Circle Customer Experience graphic on me.