What’s On Your Bucket List?

This has been a “milestone” year for me, with my daughter graduating from high school last month 😊 and getting ready to head off to college next month. 🥲

We celebrated by taking a trip out west to Colorado and Utah (Salt Flats pictured). At some point around her 5th birthday, I decided visiting all 50 states would be a cool thing to do and added it to our bucket list. With this trip now complete, I’m up to 41 and she’s up to 32.

To make sure we had enough time to do and see everything we wanted to, it meant taking 8 consecutive days off of work (this included a weekend). The best part of it all was I did not get one “emergency” phone call while gone from our painting business. Flash back 5 years, and that would not have been the case. After a vacation full of “avoidable interruptions,” I made sure to set myself up so that would never happen again. What’s the point of taking a vacation if you can’t truly unplug?

What did it take?

Clear systems and processes that could be delegated and followed in my absence, and taking care of as many things that only I could do before heading out.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the perks is being able to control our own schedules. Unfortunately, more often than not, we quickly fall victim to spending too many hours working IN our businesses, leaving no time for those long weekend getaways or bucket list trips we vowed to finally take now that we “have control” of our time.

For those of us who started with the tools in our hands, the thought of delegation can be a scary one, but is necessary if you’re looking to:

1. Grow and scale your business

2. Be able to say “yes” to that once in a lifetime trip when it presents itself

3. Build a business that can operate without you (at least for a week or two, to start…)

#3 should be the ultimate goal for all business owners, especially if selling the business when you’re ready to retire is on your to do list. This requires stepping out of your comfort zone of “doing it all yourself” and building a rockstar team around you along with solid systems and processes that everyone follows.

Want some help figuring out where the best place to start is for you?

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While it may seem daunting, the steps between where you are now and where you want to be aren’t usually as steep as you think. And as the old saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, but the second best time is today.” Don’t put off building the business of your dreams so you can live the life of your dreams any longer. 😎

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