Women 4 Women In Business

When I launched my business, one of my goals from the start was to “pay it forward” as often as I could. I live by the theory that there is more than enough to go around, and the more you “spread the love” the more love will come back to you.

I happily referred other women in business whenever the opportunity presented itself, and then somewhere towards the end of my second year in business the light bulb went off over my head. After getting great feedback from my 3 in 3 series, I decided to add another series specifically to share the rockstars I’ve found to help me in my businesses over the years.

In these short interviews (under 20 minutes) you’ll learn the What and Why behind each fellow entrepreneur launching her business, how we met, who their ideal client is and get some free advice from an expert in her field.

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Episode 1

Chelsea Craig – Rhino Reviews

Chelsea Craig shares the story behind the launch of her company, who she loves working with, and a few free tips to ensure your brand is properly represented online.

Episode 2

Karalynn Cromeens – The Cromeens Law Firm

Karalynn Cromeens shares her why for choosing to work with contractors along with her advice on making sure your business is properly protected from some common missteps she’s seen over her many years in business.

Episode 3

Cindy Schroeder – Bright Bookkeeping

Cindy Schroeder, owner and founder of Bright Bookkeeping, shares WHY good accounting is critical when running a contracting business, plus a few helpful tips to keep your books clean and neat.

Episode 4

Dale Power – Big Shoes Marketing

Dale Power, owner and founder of Big Shoes Marketing, discusses WHY having a well researched and comprehensive advertising and marketing plan is crucial for true business success. She also shares a few tips about working with a consultant based on her many years of experience.

Episode 5

Linnea Blair – Advisors On Target

Linnea Blair, owner and founder of Advisors On Target shares her WHY on deciding to work with contractors over 20 years ago plus how knowing your numbers is just the starting point for building a solid business.

Episode 6

Karen Colligan – People Think

Karen Colligan – host of Let’s Tawk Leadership and owner of People Think shares WHY she chose to focus on leadership development after leaving the corporate world and the importance of training emerging leaders from day one.